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There and Back Again

A barrow boy.

I mentioned last time I was heading to the Steampunk Victoriana Fair in Goulburn. Well, I had a lovely time! Very fun weekend. There were some sweet bands, some wonderful gadgets and a huge crowd of Steampunk enthusiasts strutting their stuff.

The trouble with doing this was that I didn’t get a chance to do a lot at the Fair! I spoke to the stallholders on either side, and I got to play some old-timey sideshow games. But mostly, just manning the stall. Mind you, I had a lovely spot across from the stage and I got to see all of the music and dance performances from where I was standing. I especially enjoyed the Steampunk Vagabonds band — lots of fun.

And I learned a lot about selling books face to face. Mostly from doing it badly and reflecting on my failure, but hey, that’s how most people learn things.

Also: I bought my daughter an iron-on patch of the Big Merino, which her little friends thought was a picture of Baby Yoda. Kids, eh?


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B.G. Hilton - Author