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My name is BG Hilton, and I am an an Australian writer. I’m basically pretty okay, once you get to know me. I studied creative writing at the University of Newcastle and the University of Technology, Sydney. My interests include Steampunk, Frankenstein, Dr Who, travel, and food. One time I slept through a riot. In my defense, it was a pretty small riot and I was very tired.

I live with my wife in Sydney.

I can be contacted at bghilton.writer at the g-mail, or follow me at bghilton on Twitter.

Publications include

Specimen Boxes on bghilton.com, April 2020

No Refunds on bghilton.com, April 2020

Tercio de Muerte and Lord Apis in Taurus Anthology from Deadset Press, April 2020

Night Train to Colchis in Aries Anthology from Deadset Press, March 2020

Hole, Antipodean SF, Feb 2020

Champagne Charlie and the Amazing Gladys, novel, published by Odyssey Books 2020

The House that Dripped Character, in Pseudopod, April 2019

Walking in Fiction in Seeds and Skeletons, UTS Anthology 2016

‘I Was a Steam Age Werewolf’ in Antipodean SF Issue 214, May 2016

‘The Most Disgusting Horror Story Ever’ in Flash Fiction Press, 15 January, 2016

‘The Inventors’ in Flash Fiction Magazine, 25 July 2015

‘Or Bind his Tongue with a Cord’ in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine # 53, 2012

‘Untitled’ in From the Depths Fall 2012

‘The Pioneer’ in Lacuna, Journal of Historical Fiction, October 2011

4 thoughts on “About

  1. I just came here minutes ago, and so far I love it! Thoughtful, professionally written commentary of at least a few topics that torment my curiosity. I was searching for any cool info or graphics related to “House of Frankenstein” because I’m a thoroughly alienated Universal Horror geek and my dvr has recorded “House” last night was hosted by a classic horror host, Svengoolie. I was/am at work, so am getting excited to watch it when I go home. I realized that was a horrible set of sentences, and apologize. I work overnights sometimes, and despite the “down” time, I end up with a bit of sleep deprivation. And I was/am still at work as I write this (my job is to stay awake and be available if there’s a problem). But I’m not even conscious at this moment, as is obvious because, yeah, right, I’m going to google H of Fr and find myself reading a synopsis with photos and dry -witty analysis? What, it’s Christmas every day now? 🙂 Anyway, I’ll be back to poke around for more Frankenstein and some wry observations from your continent. Great site!!! (I write too—although there is zero evidence of that in these sentences — though not for a living; just a bit here and there). Ironically, in the first few hours of my shift, I kept my mind active by … wow it seems even weirder now– writing my own personal commentary on House of Frankenstein! 🙂 Again, great site, and I’ll be back.

  2. Mr. Hilton,

    I just nodded off, and after the myoclonic jerk jolted me awake, I read the Middle School style comment I left on your polished and professional website. Sincerest apologies; I meant no disrespect. Clearly I should not be working any third shift jobs, and if I can’t help doing so, I shouldn’t write anything and post it … anywhere! Or at least until I re-read it after 12 hours sleep.

    That being said, I can’t help laugh at the irony of a how a geeky obsession with B-Movie mad scientists and monsters is what provided me with the best objective evidence of why third shift is my cognitive Kryptonite. But I must stop writing now (do you ever get in a mode where it’s hard to stop writing?) before I again write something I regret.
    Apologies & Thanks!
    – Doug

  3. Thanks very much! Glad you’re enjoying the site. It’s been a while since I had to work the late shift, but I remember how it gets. You do what you have to, to keep the brain going. And there’s nothing to aplogise for in your comments, feel free any time.

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