B.G. Hilton – Author


Champagne Charlie and the Amazing Gladys

A fun Steampunk romp, Champagne Charlie and the Amazing Gladys follows the adventures of the drunken, good natured aristocrat the Hon. Edward ‘Charlie’ Decharles and his talented but prickly friend, music hall performer ‘The Amazing’ Gladys Dunchurch. While searching for a missing magician, the pair find themselves battling pirates, aeronauts, conspiracies and beings that might come from beyond the Earth itself. Published by Odyssey Books, 2020.

Mysterious Aisles

In the sleepy Australian suburb of South Hertling stands the Handy Pavilion – a big-box hardware store, staffed by a motley assortment of gnomes, ghosts, dryads, angels, cowboys, demigods, demons and ape-men.

When rival store, the DIY Barn, moves in across the street, business turns sour at the Pavilion. One of the employees — semi-reformed supervilain Axel Platzoff — escalates the conflict. Soon, the Pavilion and the Barn are headed for all-out war, and all of South Hertling hangs in the balance.

B.G. Hilton - Author