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Lithgow IronFest 2019

Hey, all. Sorry Trilobite Park updates have been a little slow — should be going again later in the week. In the meantime, here are some cool pictures I took at Lithgow IronFest.

Princess and R2D2 IronFest2019
A remote controlled R2D2 happens across a stray Princess, and things follow their course.

IronFest started out 20 years ago as a celebration of metalworking, and still has several forges going to produce wonderful metal goods. But over the years, it has expanded to include historical and military recreationists, Steampunk enthusiasts, and cosplayers of all stripes. There’s lots of stalls, military recreations, and a great vibe. Just lots of weirdos wandering around, doing their thing.

Magical couple at IronFest2019
Magic or not, it can be quite bright so wear eye protection

It’s on again next year — the theme is ‘Gothic’ — and if you’re in the New South Wales I highly recommend it. Lithgow is about 2.5 hours from Sydney by train or car. There’s parking at the grounds, and it’s about a ten minute walk from the station.

BG Hilton on a Victorian bicycle, IronFest 2019
Your humble correspondent seated on one of John Kitchen’s wonderful bicycles.

Personally, I went along to scout it out as a sales venue for next year, when my novel will be out. There were a few writers there, and they said they were doing okay sales-wise, so we’ll see. But even if I don’t go to sell, I’m certainly thinking of going just for the fun of it!

More pictures below the fold:

Evil King IronFest2019
The Dark Lord buys a ticket.
Steam traction engine, IronFest 2019
A beautiful, working steam traction engine.
Pirate lady, IronFest 2019
Shiver me timbers! A well-dressed pirate.
Peasants, IronFest 2019
‘The Revolting Peasants’ are medaeval reenactors who play peasants. I always wondered where the peasants were among the ladies and knights!
Catbus, IronFest 2019
Catbus! Is it a costume or is it a vehicle? Who can say!
Cool Victorian Lady, IronFest2019
Cool Victorian Lady
Rincewind and his (RC) Luggage IronFest 2019
Rincewind and his (RC) Luggage
Victorian Lady, IronFest 2019
Another cool Victorian Lady
BG Hilton and a Dalek, IronFest 2019
Is it still there?
Sunset, IronFest 2019

2 thoughts on “Lithgow IronFest 2019

  1. One year I visited they were doing some sort ANZAC Vietnam re-enactment (or maybe Ww2 but with the wrong uniforms?) and near the end some Vikings invaded. Every moment is like a 1970s Doctor Who episode at IronFest.

  2. Exactly. Dutch pikemen, knights, Roman legionnaires and a bunch of WWII people. There were also some Mad Max types who I guess are WWIII precreationists. And an assortment of Steampunks, fairies, elves, pirates and furries.

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