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Happy New Year

Hello, and Happy New Year to my loyal tens of readers. My New Years resolution this year is to write more on my blog. The slow motion collapse of Twitter will help me with this a lot. I’m already in the process of transitioning away from using it. I’m on @BGHilton@aus.social on Mastodon. I don’t know if that will last, and I may end up moving to some other Twitter alternative we’ll see how we go.

In the meantime, my plan is: more Pulp Adventures, complete my review of In Search Of and write more about writing stuff – submitting, looking at opportunities, self publishing vs trad publishing and all that. It’s not something I’m comfortable writing about, but authors put that stuff in their blogs for a reason, and I suppose the reasoning is sound. Why look at an writer’s blog, except for writing stuff?

I’m also putting together a new series on a passion of mine – museums. Just the ones I’ve been to, but that’s enough to start. I hope it’s of interest. And if it works, perhaps I’ll go from loyal tens of readers to loyal… dozens of readers? Perhaps even scores, who knows?

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B.G. Hilton - Author