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Cover Reveal – Mysterious Aisles

Well, this has been a ride. Originally published as a serial on this very website under the name Do It Yourself, my new novel Mysterious Aisles is to be published in November. I’m starting the process of marketing the book.

Here’s the blurb:

In the Australian suburb of South Hertling stands the Handy Pavilion, a seemingly ordinary big-box hardware store with very extraordinary staff members. One of these is Axel Platzoff, a former supervillain. Tired of losing battles to Captain Stellar, Axel has taken gainful employment at the Pavilion as part of an amnesty offer from the International Criminal Court. And Axel is content, after a fashion.

The arrival of the rival DIY Barn across the street threatens Axel’s job, and the jobs of all his new friends. Axel gains support and fights back, the only way he knows how — only to discover that there is far more to the sinister Barn than he had ever dreamed.

Part Urban Fantasy, part Workplace Comedy, Mysterious Aisles follows Axel and a cast of dryads, accidental superheroes, animate garden gnomes, ghostly tradies, time-traveling cyborgs, ape-men, department managers and barristas in their struggle to keep their jobs and save South Hertling from incomprehensible forces of evil.

I’ll be writing more about this as publication date approaches. If you have any queries or are interested in a review copy, please mail me at bghilton dot writer at gmail dot com.

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