B.G. Hilton – Writer

Guys and Trolls

Nicely Nicely:
I got the wizard here
His name is Mithrandir,
Or Gandalf who goes not to the East of here
Fly you,
Fly you,
If balrogs will come, then fly you
In old Kazad-Dum fly you,
Fly you,

I’m picking Saruman,
His orcs all say he can,
And Wormtongue’s got the Odds on him at three to one.
Is one of the towers Orthanc?
Which two, of three?
Not clear,
Which two.

But look at Radigast,
His bunnies have all massed
To go ‘Night of the Lepus’ on your puny ass.
Bird poo.
Bird poo.
The guy’s covered with bird poo.
Yes there’s so much bird poo
Bird poo
Doc Who

Nicely Nicely:
On Mithrandir I’ll bet,
His Hobbits are all set,
And eagles come to fetch him when he gets too wet.
He’s grey,
He’s grey,
That robe mean’s the wizard’s grey.
Wait now, not grey,
He’s white,
He’s white.

Now Sharkey’s quite the guy
Boss of the Ist-ar-aye,
He’s served by all the goblins and the Uruk-Hai.
Hates trees.
Hates trees.
My friend says the guy hates trees.
That’s no problem I can see.
Hates trees.
Hates trees.



Nicely Nicely:

I got the wizard here!

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