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Bad Christmas Cracker Jokes

Warning! None of these are even slightly funny.

  • What machines did the chicken buy to smooth the surface of pieces of corn? Kernal sanders!
  • Why did the German cross the road? Because the light was green, and it was permitted.
  • What time is it when an elephant kneels on an eggplant?8.57 EST!
  • Why did the undertaker go to the beach? He was enjoying the em-balmy weather!
  • Which musician made flour in a narrow valley? Glen Miller!
  • What did the scientist call a polar bear with a machine gun? Ursus Marinus (with machine gun)!
  • How did the Italian fry an egg? In a perfectly normal way, you racist!
  • What job is worse than writing jokes for a cracker company? N/a!

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B.G. Hilton - Author