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I have a Competitor!

Leonard Nimoy In Search Of S04E16 Vincent van Gogh
A good screencap or the best screencap? You decide.

I haven’t been updating the ‘In Search Of…’ reviews as often as I’d like to, what with all the goings on and such. But I did come across this interesting podcast — In ReSearch Of… Its basic premise is the same as mine — watching each episode of In Search Of… one after another and commenting on them. But they go in a very different direction than me — not so much snark and more serious research. They do share my love of mocking 1970s fashions, though. Go check them out! They’re a lot of fun. I’ve been binge-listening them when I’m walking or doing chores. I think the people making the show are basically on the same page as me, but sometimes they go in an unexpected direction with it, or bring up some mistake the show makes that I didn’t even notice. I even get a mildly disapproving shout-out in their Amelia Earhart episode.

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