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One on One-Eye!

Teen Idol Magazine interviews Hollywood’s newest sensation, the Giant Cyclops!


Move over James Dean! Step aside, Marlon Brando! The Giant Cyclops is the cool cat who has stolen the hearts of a generation of teenagers!

Now, sometimes actors have to work for years to become stars, and sometimes they make it big overnight. But Giant Cyclops has shot to superstardom after appearing in just one picture: The 7th Voyage of Sinbad! When producers cast Giant Cyclops, they had no idea that, within months, his picture would be posted in every teen’s bedroom from Malibu to Maine!

But what is he really like? Teen Idol Magazine catches up with the legend himself…

Teen Idol: Giant Cyclops…

Giant Cyclops: Please, call me Cyc.

TI: Way out! Cyc, how did you get into movies?

GC: (laughs) Well, luck, mainly. Until Mr Harryhausen discovered me, I was an apprentice electrician. I was helping out with repairs on a generator that the movie people were using, and the guy playing the monster didn’t turn up for work. I looked the part, I guess, and I’d done a little acting in high school, and the rest is history.

TI: What was it like working with big stars like Kerwin Matthews and Kathryn Grant?

GC: They were great! I guess you think of huge stars like that as being kind of aloof, you know? But they were really helpful and down to earth. They helped make the  whole shoot fun. The only thing I didn’t like about filming were those furry pants. Brother, were those hot!


The Giant Cyclops’ Fan Mail

TI: Cyc, I have some mail for you from our reader. May I read some? “Dear Giant Cyclops. I think that you are dreamy. When I am in school, I sometimes hope that you will smash open the classroom and carry me away. I think you are neat. Yours dreamily, Tammy, age 16. PS: Do you know Rock Hudson?”

GC: Gee, thanks, Tammy! But I don’t think they’ll let me keep making movies if I go around smashing schools, haha.

TI: “Dear Giant Cyclops, my favorite movie star used to be the Creature from the Black Lagoon, but you are much cooler! I would like it if you wore my… ” Oh! I don’t think I can read the rest of that, Cyc, but take if from me that you’re a lucky man.

GC: Oh my gosh!

TI: So where to next for your exciting film career?

GC: Well, I’ve been offered a role in The Return of Ulysses, but I don’t want to get typecast in Sword-and-Sandal pictures, you know? So I’m taking a smaller role in Gidget Goes Grecian. I’ll be playing Lenny Cyclopopolous, who’s both a potential rival to Moondoggie for Giget’s affections, and also a giant cyclops.

TI: Far out! Well, good luck with it! I’m sure we’ll all be watching your career in the years ahead!


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