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Needs an edit.

Hey, my loyal tens of readers. Earlier this year, I promised more on this website. Now, six weeks later, I’m turning in my second update.

Basically, here is what I am working on:

  1. Clocks and Boxes. The sequel to Mysterious Aisles. In the South Hertling Super Centre, Alfred, the timid owner of a clock shop longs for Emma, the no-nonsense owner of the storage products shop next door. The appearance of a seemingly magical watch and tape measure throw their lives into chaos, dragging their employees (Donna and Fanaka, formerly of the Handy Pavillion) with them.
  2. Shelley – A Frankenstein-based YA novel I’ve been working on for ages.
  3. The Grimsdale Claimant – sequel to Champagne Charlie and the Amazing Gladys. Involves ghosts, time travel and Babbage computers, Music Hall people, pneumatic railways and the true case of the Tichbourne Claimant. Less is more, they say? Not in my book. Literally.
  4. An MG chapter book, based on a bedtime story I told my daughter, and which she made me retell again and again, and then made me promise to write down in a book so we can sell it together.

Other news… I have a short story ‘A Flight of Mermaids’ coming out later this year in this anthology.

Details later.

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