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Mysterious Aisles Publication Day!

Mysterious Aisles is finally live. Yes, that’s right. You, the reading public, can finally know what Gwen said to Pennington, why Norman refused to row to Central Asia, why Zorbar didn’t enjoy conversations about negative gearing, and why Fiona did that weird thing with the sink (last example never really explained.


South Hertling Super Centre Newsletter

By Karl Wintergreen

Book Published. Acording to MonsterChain Bookstore — located in between Carpets of the Place and Ccaarrppeettss 4 Seal, and across from Arthur C. Clock’s Timepiece World — their has been a book published.

MonsterChain manager Pete Mason (note surname!) tried to downplay this, claiming that many books are published each year., “Time and time again,” he claimed, ‘books are published, both here and elsewhere. It’s actually pretty usual.”

But he would say that. Note surname!

MonsterChain head office reluctantly took my call, calling into question the probity of publishing books that had not been vetted for Illuminati propaganda. They asked what Illumniati propaganda looked like, and I said it was secret. And they said how could it be secret if it was propaganda, and I said, wouldn’t you like to know, a question that seemed to utterly stump them.

Anyway, the book is called: Mysterious Aisles because it has me in it. I even get shot in one bit, which is brave.

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B.G. Hilton - Author