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The #Auswrites hashtag over on the Twitters often has some fun games, and one of them was using the Penguin Classics Cover Generator to make Penguins Classics style covers of your own books.

As you see, Champagne Charlie worked out well. The image comes from a Victorian illustration of a (never completed) steam monoplane.

Mysterious Aisles turned out pretty well, too, though I much prefer the original cover. Took a little more work, though, since I had to make the badges. And my graphic design skills aren’t great, you can see the sticker doesn’t follow the contours of the cloth underneath. Still, nice minimalist vibe.


Here’s one for Shelley, the novel I’m currently querying. As you can probably guess from the lightning and the title and the fact that it’s written by, y’know, me, it’s a Frankenstein-based story.

Another one, this time from the oldest story I wrote that’s still available online. And just for fun:

Penguin Classics presents Classic Penguin

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