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More Mysterious Aisles

The feedback is in, and three four early reviewers like my book! Most people think it’s a) funny, b) quirky and/or c) chaotic. Which is pleasing, this is pretty much what I was going for.

Here is the link, or if you’d rather see my cherry-picked quotes  (and who wouldn’t?) they’re just below:

  • “Mysterious Aisles dials up the crazy, weird, bizarre, and silly up to eleven. This book is brimming with supervillains and heroes, drunken ghosts, demigods, conspiracy theorists, magic portals, and a store that is actually a den of all evil.” 4 stars, Julie Porter
  • At times this story was too EXTRA for me but in the end, it was time I didn’t regret spending on a really weird, original, and fun book.” 4 stars, Dain.
  • “If you like a chaotic story with very short chapters and a broad range of characters this is for you.” 4 stars, Cass Morrison.
  • “A cross between an adult rendition of My Hero Academia and Super Store, but with the humor of Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, this is one quirky book.” 4 stars, Jane Ferrara.

Mysterious Aisles will be available on Amazon, Kobo, and basically everywhere, 16 November, 2022.

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