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The Iron Man Song (No, Not That One)

Iron Man, Iron Man
Does whatever an iron can
Makes your clothes
Nice and neat
Good for shirts
Pants or pleats
Look out!
Here comes the Iron Man!

‘But,’ you ask, ‘is he hot?’
Bud, he runs at a thousand watts
Need a blouse
For a date?
He gets it done
While you wait.
Low cost!
Affordable Iron Man.

When your pants are creased
And your collar’s askew
Just like lightning greased
He’ll make it
Just like new!

Iron Man, Iron Man
Quite dependable Iron Man
Smoothing shirts
Is his purview
Be sure to leave
A Yelp review
Though he
Will try to avoid a dust-up
Wherever clothing is mussed up
You’ll find the Iron Man!

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B.G. Hilton - Author