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Writing is Hard

For a long time I haven’t written much. Partly this has been because I’ve been busy with a new job, partly because there’s been a lot to do at home and mostly because I haven’t really had space in my brain lately — what with all the goings on and what have you.

But the weird thing about global catastrophies is they get boring after a while. No, that’s a terrible way of putting it. What I mean is, you sort of get used to it, and the fact that thousands are dying just sort of slides into the background most of the time. Which is pretty awful when you think of it, but I guess it’s also human nature.

Anyway, my point is I’ve actually been writing a little again. Editing ‘Do It Yourself’ from its current rambling nonsensical form to a slightly less rambling (but just as nonsensical) form in the hope of selling it for 99c on Amazon, because why not?

Also working on a sequel to ‘Champagne Charlie and the Amazing Gladys’. This is what I was working on before the pandemic hit. As I’ve said before, Charlie and Gladys were hit hard by the shutdowns in Sydney. My local library shut down the very week I had the launch planned. My sales plan was depending a lot on in-person selling at conventions and markets, and obviously that’s not happening. All of which has been weighing on me while I try to write a sequel. I think I’m finally in the headspace to get back to the MS. I certainly hope so.

And other than that, I’m working on a short story that I plan to submit to Midnight Echo. It’s called ‘The Tentacle Garden’ and it’s inspired by my two year old daughter mispronouncing ‘botanical garden’. I hope it turns out okay.

Other than that, I have a MS called ‘Shelley’ that had been knocked back by a few publishers, and I think I’m finally ready to do what needs to be done to make it saleable. I’ve always sort of known but… stubborn. That’s on the backburner, though.

So, yeah. A lot to do. When I started trying to write professionally, it ne

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