B.G. Hilton – Author

Champagne Charlie and the Amazing Gladys

‘Take an absurd premise to a cliff, push it over the edge, jump after it, sans parachute, while cracking a bottle of champagne, lighting a cigar and bellowing a chorus or two of the Good Ship Venus, and you pretty much have a literary metaphor for what author B.G. Hilton has done with this book.’ five star review by B P Marshall, author of ‘The Last Circus on Earth’

“In Steam-Age London, a brilliant performer is searching for a missing magician. A less brilliant aristocrat is searching for a murderer. A mad admiral is searching for a fight, a detective is searching for a reason. Meanwhile, mysterious creatures lurk in the sewers — and their human enemies might destroy everything trying to stop them.”

‘…action that never gives up, political shenanigans, with comic relief, weaving in real historical people and events, but with a weird slant.’ – five star Goodreads review by Emma Goldman

‘This anachronistic, unbelievable tale is totally entrancing. I found the story to be absolutely riveting. If you enjoy fanciful anachronistic tales of adventure, you will love this book.’ – five star Goodreads review by Kathleenz

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B.G. Hilton - Author