Damn I love this series. Last episode: swamp monsters. Next episode: Troy. This episode: hypnosis. The modern successors of In Search Of… are multiple season shows, looking at a single subject -- 'aliens', 'ghosts', 'bigfoot', whatever. In Search Of… flits around between weird ideas between episodes, and weird theories within the episodes. Just that way it piles ideas upon ideas is so impressive, that I'm willing to forgive the fact that so many of these ideas are pure nonsense.


Anyway, hypnosis. Got to be honest, I don't know much about the subject. I know medical research into hypnosis has been on-again off-again for ages, but it really took a hit in the '80s with all of that questionable 'recovered memory' stuff. My research for this review consisted of asking a doctor about hypnosis and being answered with a confused glance. I think that says it all ...continue reading "In Search Of… S02E17 Hypnosis"