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South Hertling Chronicles

Welcome to The South Hertling Chronicles, the serial novels where low fantasy meets high soap opera.

Somewhere in the depths of Australian suburbia the Handy Pavilion, a big-box hardware store drifts towards war with its rivals in the DIY Barn. Join the eccentric Pavilion employees as they live, learn, mangle the very nature of causality and love. A fantasy, superheroes, scifi, romance, suspense, comedy, Western action series, and I’ll probably get around to adding self-help, Japanese cuisine and naval history  eventually. Got to hit all of those Amazon categories.

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Characters Cheatsheet – Contains spoilers.

Book 1 — Do It Yourself (Complete)

In the peaceful Australian suburb of South Hertling, two big-box hardware stores drift towards war — a war that may threaten everything we know about stuff, and whatnot.

Do It Yourself – Table of Contents

Book 2 – Clocks and Boxes (Complete)

Can two middle-aged shopkeepers find love the dark times following the Hardware War, without destroying all of time and space?

(Disclaimer: this one probably won’t make a lot of sense if you haven’t read Do It Yourself.)

Clocks and Boxes — Table of Contents

Book 3 – Trilobite Park (ongoing)

A new threat has arrived in South Hertling, in the form of a new aquarium full of resurrected trilobites, thanks to a scientist who was so preoccupied with whether or not they could, he didn’t stop to think whether he should bother.

(This one should be a little more stand-alone, and ought to be comprehensible to new readers)

Prelude: Agent Valerie’s Lambo

Chapter 1: Things Start Out Suboptimally

Chapter 2: The Kids are All Right?

Chapter 3: Doubts Multiply

Chapter 4: A Bad Feeling

Chapter 5: The Day Before

Chapter 6: Barrels of Doom

Chapter 7: The Big Day Begins

Chapter 8: Continuing Difficulties

Chapter 9: Barry’s Hassle

Chapter 10: From Worse to Worserer

Chapter 11: No Improvements Here

Chapter 12: Downhill

Chapter 13: Escape Impossible

Chapter 14: The Trial of Metamorphosis

Chapter 15: Winds of Terror

Chapter 16: The Doom that Came to Room 12a

Chapter 17: Danger at Every Turn

Chapter 18: Courage

Chapter 19: Finding R17

Chapter 20: Can Do

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