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Pea soup! Bland, greasy comfort food. Burritos! Spicy, bold Mexican treats.

Two good, fine meals. But what if… what if someone were to bolt them together? To take these two greasy comfort dishes and create a monstrous creature of deliciousness!

But what’s that you say? It would be playing God?

Where is your God now?

Bah! You lack the will of the true scientist! It is only through such dangerous, unethical experiments that mankind has been able to develop the wheel and the orthopaedic sandal! Do you think Sir Arthur Churro or Dr Lionel Sushi had to kowtow to the ethics committee when they invented culinary marvels?

But I seem to have drifted from the subject. Pea soup burritos! ...continue reading "Pea Soup Burritos"

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