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Most of the trilobites had deserted room 431. That room had been occupied by species of trilobite that lived on carrion. They hadn’t killed any of the people who had been in the room when the alarms went off, but once they escaped their tank they began nibbling on a tourist who had fallen and died in the panic. Once most of that body was eaten, the trilos scuttled out. Only two remained – Daphne, who was daintily gnawing on the few scraps of flesh on the tourist's skeleton; and Reginald, who eyed her whistfully from afar through his segmented eyes.

"Daphne?" he said.

"Yes, Reginald?"

"Oh… Nothing," Reginald said, his carapace reddening. ...continue reading "Trilobite Park — Chapter 22: Love Amongst the Invertibrates"

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