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Obviously not a Frankenstein movie as such, the Cabinet of Dr Caligari is a classic silent film that has cast a long shadow across the horror genre, and particularly across the Frankenstein subgenre.

Man, why did skinny jeans go out of style? They look awesome.
Man, why did skinny jeans go out of style? Those look awesome.

I first saw Caligari as a pretentious teenager and pretended to like it. I tried to watch it again a couple of years ago, as a pretentious adult, but couldn't get more than ten minutes in. Most recently, I watched it while half asleep on a very long train ride. That's how to do it. The film has a deliberately dreamlike quality to it, and watching it while wide awake takes something away from it. If you're half asleep and slightly depressed, this is the film for you. ...continue reading "Frankenstein and Caligari"

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