South Hertling Chronicles Web Series

Welcome to Do It Yourself, the serial novel where low fantasy meets high soap opera. This is the first volume in the projected South Hertling Chronicles series. Complete at 72 bite-size chapters, suitable for reading on phones and tablets.

Somewhere in the depths of Australian suburbia the Handy Pavilion, a big-box hardware store drifts towards war with its rivals in the DIY Barn. Join the eccentric Pavilion employees as they live, learn, mangle the very nature of causality and love. A fantasy, superheroes, scifi, romance, suspense, comedy, Western action series, and I'll probably get around to adding self-help, Japanese cuisine and naval history  eventually. Got to hit all of those Amazon categories.

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Characters Cheatsheet - Contains spoilers.

Book 1 -- Do It Yourself (Complete)

Do It Yourself - Table of Contents

Book 2 - Clocks and Boxes (In Progress)

Part 1 - Time

Part 2 - Space

Part 3 - Hope

Part 4 - Food

Part 5 - Maths

Part 6 - Friends

Part 7 - Help

Part 8 - Ghosts

Part 9 - Laws

Part 10 - Spine

Part 11 - Clues

Interlude -Cats

Part 12 - Music

Part 13 - Trial

Part 14 - Delivery

Part 15 - Frustration

Part 16 - Light

Part 17 - Barn

Part 18 - Parliament

Part 19 - Genius

Interlude: Rocket

Part 20 - King

Part 21 - Plot

Part 22 - Revelation

Part 23 - Downstage

Part 24 - Grampy

Part 25 - Mayhem

Part 26 - Drive

Interlude - Underground