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My name is BG Hilton, and I am an an Australian writer. I'm basically pretty okay, once you get to know me. I studied creative writing at the University of Newcastle and the University of Technology, Sydney. My interests include Steampunk, Frankenstein, Dr Who, travel, and food. One time I slept through a riot. In my defense, it was a pretty small riot and I was very tired.

I live with my wife in Sydney.

I can be contacted at bghilton.writer at the g-mail, or follow me at bghilton on Twitter.

Publications include

Walking in Fiction in Seeds and Skeletons, UTS Anthology 2016

'I Was a Steam Age Werewolf' in Antipodean SF Issue 214, May 2016

'The Most Disgusting Horror Story Ever' in Flash Fiction Press, 15 January, 2016

'The Inventors' in Flash Fiction Magazine, 25 July 2015

‘Or Bind his Tongue with a Cord’ in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine # 53, 2012

‘Untitled’ in From the Depths Fall 2012

'The Pioneer’ in Lacuna, Journal of Historical Fiction, October 2011

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