No post this week

Sorry once again to my tens of readers, but everything is super hectic for me this week and there may or may not be an update for Clocks and Boxes. If there is, it will be tomorrow at the earliest, but may be as late as the weekend. Either way, I promise it will make as little sense as usual. If you're here for the In Search Of reviews, I hope to return to my previous production schedule shortly.

In the meantime, let me tide you over with reviews of the last three movies I saw:

Pottersville Review

'Pottersville' is a bad movie even though it has Bigfoot in it. As anyone who has seen 'The Curse of Bigfoot,' 'Boggy Creek 2: The Legend Continues,' or 'Snowbeast' will attest, it is extremely hard to make a bad Bigfoot movie. Somehow Pottersville manages to achieve this difficult goal. Pottersville has a cast of actors who I respect too much to name here. It is bad.

Justice League Review

'Justice League' (2017) was crap, unless you like extremely dull, repetitive fight scenes in a grey-brown colour palette. The filming is so horrible that it makes a scene of two people standing in a field of corn look fake. I only recommend watching this movie if you paid for a copy of 'Green Lantern' and you need a superhero movie that makes it look good by comparison.

Carry On Camping Review

'Carry on Camping' is sexist, dated and plotless. Some of the visual humour is quite fun, but the verbal jokes sound like they were written by a bunch of sniggering teenagers and are delivered by comedians who could do a lot better and knew perfectly well that they were slumming it. Nevertheless, it is about a ten times better than 'Pottersville' and a hundred times better than 'Justice League'. Recommended.


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