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South Hertling Chronicles Book One: Do It Yourself

Chapter 1 - The Reunion - Handy Pavilion employee and reformed supervillain Axel Platzoff meets a man he'd hoped never to see again.

Chapter 2 - A Wooden Chorus - Lovelorn Gwen Harper is offered romantic assistance by the mysterious Pennington

Chapter 3 - The Mystic Spring - a plumbing accident reveals a hidden secret that Fiona never knew she had

Chapter 4 - Coffee Break - Fiona questions her role at the Pavilion while we learn more about Gwen's deal with Pennington

Chapter 5 - The Shirts - Axel enlists the help of Norman to escalate his struggle against the DIY Barn

Chapter 6 - Luminiferous - What is the mysterious secret behind Sadie and Angela McGregor's feud?

Chapter 7 - Diversion - Can Belinda or Axel help Captain Stellar deal with the consequences of his breakup

Chapter 8 - The Newsletter - Conspiracy theorist Carl Wintergreen attempts to explain an armoured car robbery in his weekly newsletter with mixed results

Chapter 9 - The Phial - Just what is going on between Norman and Fiona? Will Gwen make a deal with Pennington to win Norman's heart?

Chapter 10 - A Dilemma For Wellsey - Wellsey suspects that Fiona may have been involved in the armoured car heist... But dare he ask her?

Chapter 11 - Silver Men in Moonlight - The Pavilion comes under attack. Can Seamus the Gnome and unemployed ape-man Zorbar save the day?

Chapter 12 - Tea and Scandal - Pavilion Manager Ms Shan returns to work... but has she changed? And what is Norman's sudden interest in her about?

Chapter 13 - Axel's Day - Axel's role in the armoured car heist comes back to haunt him

Chapter 14 - Zorbar and the Ute - Zorbar Ofthechimps comes to an important decision, just before being hit by a truck

Chapter 15 - Light and Dark - What is Angela's interest in the lovelorn Captain Stellar?

Chapter 16 - Management Conference - Mrs Lebeaux from Centre management gives Ms Shan a reason not to abandon the Pavilion just yet.

Chapter 17 - A Bad Deal, All Round - The alchemist Pennington comes to collect a bill

Chapter 18 - From Across the Veil - In an attempt to locate Zorbar, Carol organises a seance to summon Bruce, the Handy Pavilion's resident ghost.

Chapter 19 - Origin Story - It's Laura Cho's first day on the job and already she must deal with a rogue superhero and an exploding death ray

Chapter 20 - The Return - Laura uses her newfound super-powers to combat a series of baffling 'accidents' in the Pavilion.

Chapter 21 - Newsletter 2 - Mrs Lebeaux is not pleased by Karl's attempts to get to the bottom of the Pavilion accidents

Chapter 22 - No Way Out - Can Wellsey find a way to return to work without being drawn into the struggle against the Barn? Read the chapter title to find out!

Chapter 23 - The Chase - Fiona and killer cyborg/art teacher Nalda hunt for the saboteur who is causing the accidents -- the deadly Phantasm of the Pavilion.

Chapter 24 - One Day at a Time - Will Norman tell Captain Stellar about Axel's role in his downfall?

Chapter 25 - Underground - Christian is the rising star of power tool sales... but who is he really working for?

Chapter 26 - Ghost in the Machine - The DIY Barn launches another attack, and the safety of the Pavilion is in Bruce's immaterial hands

Chapter 27 - Terror from Tomorrow - A version of Laura from the future travels back to give a warning to her past self. It sort of makes sense. Promise.

Chapter 28 - Axel's Enemy - Can Nalda help pull Axel out of his spiral of hobbies in time to defeat the Phantasm?

Chapter 29 - Escalation - Ms Shan tries to defuse the growing tension with the DIY Barn. But is Marlon listening?

Chapter 30 - Showdown at Loading Bay Gulch - Buck Dusty's mother moseys into town.

Chapter 31 - Crossed Words - Fiona attempts to wallow in guilt. The MacGregor sisters don't mean to let her.

Chapter 32 - Transformations - Karl's search for the truth leads him to discover what happened to Bruce

Chapter 33 - Family Business - Norman's father makes a visit. Hilarity ensues.

Chapter 34 - From Bad to Wurst - Nalda -- the killer cyborg from the future -- meets Fanaka -- a scientist from an alternate Afrocentric steampunk past.

Chapter 35 - Toilet Humour - Christian is shocked to discover that the Phantasm's lair has completely vanished

Chapter 36 - Where Have All the Pulleys Gone? - Present Laura's budding romance with Carlos is complicated by her future self.

Chapter 37 - Intervention - Wellsey decides that Axel's hobby mania must end

Chapter 38 - Between Two Doors - The ascendancy of the Barn seems nearly complete. Will Ms Shan follow her conscience or give way to her anger?

Chapter 39 - Testing Times - Fiona's moral quandary is sidelined in favour of an action sequence.

Chapter 40 - Belinda is Helpful - Not in a big way, or anything. But it is Belinda we're talking about so any amount of helpfulness is something

Chapter 41 - The Night Talker - Bruce seeks Karl's help to take on the Barn

Chapter 42 - Time Considered as a Helix of Gossiping Retail Employees - In seeking to help Nalda and Fanaka, Axel dooms the Earth

Chapter 43 - Never Pay Retail - It will take all of Christian's sales skills to win the help of Pennington without incurring an impossible debt.

Chapter 44 - The Party - Zorbar and Carol's pre-wedding party is crashed.

Chapter 45 - The Barn Door is Open - Christian discovers Buck Dusty's secret -- but can he get the information to those who need it?

Chapter 46 - Farewell - Old enemies part for the last time

Chapter 47 - Hearts and Skulls - Fanaka discovers a source of unimaginable power, and also gets a job in Cleaning Products.

Chapter 48 - Timing - As Sadie MacGregor spars with Norman's father, she finds herself morally compromised for the first time

Chapter 49 - Newsletter 3 - In the absence of Karl, a marginally less bizarre Centre newsletter is produced

Chapter 50 - Third Wheels and Fifth Columns - Ms Shan learns what Buck has been up to. Is she too late?

Time-Distorted Chapter 50.5 (Chapter 68): So How Did Axel and Sadie End Up in Prison

Chapter 51 - Incoming! - Seamus helps Laura and Carlos fight off an aerial incursion

Chapter 52 - Inside Your Mind - Pennington fulfills his arrangement with Christian. The Phantasm is back on the warpath

Chapter 53 - A Very DIY Valentine's Day - The Handy Pavilion is attacked by Mushroom Creatures from CDimension X -- and yet, all Nalda can think about is Fanaka

Chapter 54: Deliver Us Not - Will Donna's attempt to live up to Sadie's standards be thwarted by Angela?

Chapter 55: Principles of Retail Management - Mushroom Men, Phantasms and impending war -- Ms Shan has had enough

Chapter 56: Tall Tales Part 1 - Laura and Bruce confront Buck -- but Buck has backstory to deliver

Chapter 57: Gnome Time to Lose - Seamus attempts to free Axel. It sort of works

Chapter 58: Tall Tales Part 2 - Fearful that Buck will deliver more exposition, Laura and Bruce let him go

Chapter 59: The Call - Ms Shan rallies the troops

Chapter 60: Cat and Mouse (and Vole) - Nalda and the Phantasm hunt for the rogue Professor Devistato

Chapter 61: On the Practical Applications of Cosplay - Belinda is extremely helpful

Chapter 62: The Breakroom of War - Christian's report on the Barn's defenses reveals a weakness... or a trap

Chapter 63: Twilight at Dawn - Battle is joined

Chapter 64: Apotheosis Now - Norman's struggle takes an odd turn, and his father steps in

Chapter 65: Scars - As Axel fights the Barnlings in the street, Devistato attacks the Barn from the rear

Chapter 66: War Correspondent - Karl's view of the battle is interrupted by Buck

Chapter 67: Gaslight - As the battle rages, can MacGregor sisters finally agree?

Chapter 68 (aka Chapter 50.5): So How Did Axel and Sadie End Up in Prison?

Chapter 69: Red Mist- Will Ms Shan have it out with Mr Smith, once and for all.

Chapter 70: Bruce's Back - Robots v kaiju! Bruce v lumbar trouble!

Chapter 71: Laura's Future - Laura sets out to solve a mystery: who broke time?

Chapter 72: Pyramid Scheme - The battle draws to a close and the survivors take stock of their strange new world.

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