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This is going to be fun! A nice piece of inconsequential weirdness to ring in the new year.

In 1918, the Russian royal family were massacred by the Bolsheviks. Theories that the Czar Nicholas II's youngest daughter—the Grand Duchess Anastasia—somehow survived the executioners' bullets have been around for decades. But spoiler alert: in 2007 DNA evidence was used to prove that she died in 1918 after all.insearchof2-13Now, while it is a little unfair to blame a show from 1978 for not knowing that, it does mean that for once I'm going into an episode with absolute certainty. It's not a case of 'yeah, but…' It's not a case of 'that doesn't seem likely'. It's not a case of 'what, the Minoans?' or 'but last week, you said...' or even 'I don't think that's how archaeology works.' This time, when they ask the question 'did Anastasia survive?' I don't even have to wonder. Nope! Just nope! ...continue reading "In Search Of… S02E13 Anastasia"

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