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I'm going to do this week and next week a little differently. This is because the first two episodes of Season 2 look at subjects that I know little to nothing about. I'm going to resist the urge to Google, at least until I've written my reviews. For the most part I won't be looking at factual inaccuracies or wondering about the credentials of the people being interviewed. I'm just going to watch and enjoy and talk about what I see.


We start with footage of the desert. Leonard Nimoy tells us these are the Superstition Mountains of Arizona, and that people go there seeking treasure. There's a lone man wandering in the desert, and a buzzard wheeling in the sky. The man—an old guy with a big white beard—turns out to me re-enacting a scene. Nimoy tells us that in 1860, a miner known as 'the Dutchman' staggered out of the desert. He'd been tortured and his partner had been killed, but he somehow struggled back to town.

Another re-enactor listens for the dying man's heartbeat. The old man drops his bag, and gold nuggets fall out.

All in all, pretty strong opening. ...continue reading "In Search Of…S02E01 The Lost Dutchman Mine"

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