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"His limbs were in proportion, and I had selected his features as beautiful." -- Mary Shelley, Frankenstein

"You loved your Creature so long as it was pretty, but when it lost its looks, huh? That was another matter." – Dr Polidori, Frankenstein: the True Story

Boy's night in
Boy's night in.

After the events of Part One, the Creature (Michael Sarrazin) has survived his plunge into the English Channel. Dragging himself ashore, he hides out in the home of a blind man (Ralph Richardson). He befriends to the man, and falls in love with his daughter (Jane Seymour). Alas, he scares her out of the house and she is fatally run over by a coach. ...continue reading "Frankenstein: the True Story Part Two – 1973"

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Here's the draft of my newsletter, Claudia. Once again I must formally protest the fact that this has to be passed by the Commissar for approval before publication – Karl Wintergreen.

Objection noted. Here is the amended draft. Change any of my edits I'll shut down your newsletter so fast you won't know what hit you – Claudia Lebeaux.

South Hertling Super Centre Newsletter, 1 June 2016.

Mysterious Accidents Plague Handy Pavilion

By Karl Wintergreen

Mere weeks after the accident out the back of the Handy Pavilion, allegedly caused by the actions of rogue superhero Captain Stellar, but in reality probably caused by a ley-line shift orchestrated by the Trilateral Commission, HP staff and customers have reported a number of serious accidents. ...continue reading "Do It Yourself – Chapter 21 Newsletter 2"

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