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'Remember, I am not recording the vision of a madman. The sun does not more certainly shine in the heavens than that which I now affirm is true.' - Mary Shelley, Frankenstein

'Mutilating? I removed his brain. Mutilating has nothing to do with it.' - Victor Frankenstein, The Curse of Frankenstein

'Science on, Paul!' 'Science on, Victor!'
'Science on, Paul!'
'Science on, Victor!'

There have been dozen of Frankenstein movies over the years, but so far as I know only two real movie series. The Universal series began with Frankenstein in 1931 and ending with either House of Dracula in 1945 or Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein in 1948, depending on how much of a purist you are. (My money is on Abbott and Costello, but anyway). The other series is the Hammer series, beginning with Curse of Frankenstein in 1957 and ending with Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell in 1974. ...continue reading "Curse of Frankenstein – 1957"

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